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Initiatives undertaken by the new Alumni Association Committee:

You are all aware that a new committee has taken over the reins of KVPAA from May 2013. Consequently, many initiatives have been put in place by this committee, some of which are appended viz;

- Honouring the KVP Martyrs on “Independence Day”, by placing a wreath at the War Memorial in School.

Some of the Committee members alongwith other Alumni gathered at the School near the War Memorial on 15th August 2013, at 7:30 AM. The War Memorial was decorated and a wreath, on behalf of KVPAA, was placed on the memorial. Some of the batch mates of the martyrs spoke on the occasion, briefing the gathering about the achievements of the martyrs.

This initiative is proposed to be continued henceforth every year on Martyrs Day, as it is felt that this day would be more appropriate to honour the brave soldiers . Pursuant to the above, on 30th January 2015, the War Memorial was decorated and we had a small gathering to pay homage to the martyrs, by placing a wreath.

- Expressing gratitude to teachers who have shaped our lives, by hosting a get together for all the Teachers at School on “Teachers Day”

A small get together of the present teachers was arranged on Teachers Day at the School. Some of the Committee members/ Alumni spoke on the occasion, expressing gratitude to the teachers who have been instrumental in shaping our lives. The meeting ended with snacks and light refreshments being offered to the teachers.

However, for the year 2014, we were not able to honour the Teachers since the Prime Minister had planned a live telecast of his speech and interaction with students on the occasion of Teachers Day, which was to commence from 3:00 PM onwards, which was the time we had planned our get together. In view of this, the school authorities expressed their inability to accommodate the Alumni.

For the year 2015, we had again arranged a small get together on Teachers Day at the School. Some of the Committee members/ Alumni spoke on the occasion, expressing gratitude to the teachers. The meeting ended with snacks and light refreshments being offered to the teachers.

- Paying our last respects to our beloved teacher Ms Pramila  Venugopal (M/s Marion David), who reached heavenly abode on 10th Sep 2013.

The Committee members visited the residence of the teacher and paid our last respects to the departed soul, by placing a wreath on behalf of the Association.

Scholarship Programme

The Committee has also embarked on another initiative of “Give Back to the School” Programme, which envisages providing financial aid by way of meeting the School Fees of the deserving and needy students of KVP, identified jointly by the Principal and KVPAA. This is planned to be continued as an annual commitment from the next academic year       ( 2014-2015 ) onwards. To make a noble beginning from the previous year ( 2013-2014 ), the programme commenced from the 3rd quarter onwards (Oct to Dec’13). Though in the first phase, it was decided to provide aid to atleast 10 students, we could collect the required documents from only 8 students. Accordingly, these 8 students who have lost their father, have been provided the financial aid and the fees was disbursed to the identified students on the occasion of Sports Day (8th Nov’13), in the august presence of Brig. Suresh Chandra Tandi, Commandant, AOC Centre & Chairman, Vidyalaya Management Committee and the Principal of the School. 5 identified students were provided aid on the Sports Day and the the other 3 students were provided aid subsequently, in the office of the Vice Principal. This takes the total scholarship aid to 8 student, for the 3rd quarter of the previous academic year. The above 8 students were provided aid for the 4th quarter also. The total aid reimbursed in the academic year 2013-2014 was Rs.28,200/-.

In the year ( 2014-2015 ), it was understood that one student has left the school. Accordingly, we have provided aid to 7 students for the entire academic year 2014-2015 till date. The aid reimbursed is @ Rs.14,250/- per quarter and for the entire year the same amounts to Rs.57,000/-.

For the current academic year (2015-2016), we have continued the reimbursements to 5 students. Till the end of third quarter, we have reimbursed Rs.29,850/- to these students.

The Alumni plans to increase the scope of aid, from reimbursing the school fees as is presently done, to reimbursing the cost of text books too. Additionally, One Time Scholarship to the Best Student under different groups has also been planned. The number of students, who will be provided aid, is also being planned for increase. All these additional programmes can be undertaken subject to receipt of Donations from the Alumni on an ongoing basis.

(As many of the erstwhile committee members were not in favour of utilizing the available surplus from out of holding Pratibimb in the past, the present committee decided to mobilise funds exclusively for the above programmes, through donations from Alumni members, for which a separate Bank Account has been opened)

With the support from all Picketians, we hope to continue the Programme in a more bigger way from the ensuing academic year. We take this opportunity to thank all the Picketians who have come forward with their donations for this noble cause. We also look forward to more potential Donors to come forward to take part in this noble cause, so that the scope of aid/ number of students can be expanded further.


Please look out for more updates/ Guidelines for Scholarship funding etc which will be put up very soon.(Website: www.kvpalumni.net , Mail ID: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )